Dating is like…

My trusty wing-woman: being single is like being an anthropologist
but not like a cool anthropologist like indiana jones
but, like, jane goodall

Just started dating someone new? better get your gas mask ready

My trusty wing-woman: dating is war

me: yes. dating is trench warfare
you come out of hiding for battles
and then duck away again until the next one
it’s ugly
sometimes you’re ambushed
and they’re causalities
total carnage
you think you’re safe in your trench… but then bam! you get a text message
and it might as well be mustard gas

3 thoughts on “Dating is like…

  1. JP

    D R A M A T I C !

    If dating is war and you are the foot soldier slugging it out for “survival”, who is the General making the decisions – common convention, dating norms, etc.? I think the answer is you and/or your wing woman! It is common knowledge that a good General with a realistic battle plan is the key to victory. If your battle plan is to just sit idle in your trench your going to be picked off and become another casualty of precision text attack. How about you reevaluate your battle plan, so you can make love not war?

  2. Kathleen

    What are our trenches? They’re our day to day existence — they’re our jobs, our home responsibilities, whatever keeps us safely in a routine. But the problem with dating is that it disrupts the security of the day to day. A text message sends us into a flurry — it’s unexpected. How do we engage? What is the most appropriate response? It’s the emotional roller coaster that makes dating seem like war. The final heartbreak that is the carnage. But what battle plan is the right one? Is there a right one? When is comes to love, we don’t often have time to wait for the reconnaissance results.

    There is a difference between war and dating — in war, you want the battles over. In love you want the exchanges to continue…ceaselessly if possible

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