I’ve Always Had a Thing for a Guy with an Oscar

My Dear Readers, a few weeks ago, when I wrote about Richard Armitage, “Spooks,” William Blake tattoos, and my un-concealable nerdiness, I told you that I don’t have celebrity crushes, that “I can’t be bothered wasting my time fantasizing about the perfectly formed pectorals of some actor I’m never going to meet.”

Well, after some consideration and reflection on my younger years, I realized I lied to you all.

It’s true that Matt Damon’s marriage to Luciana Barroso ended my daydreams about wooing and wedding one of Hollywood’s leading men — I’ve come to accept that not everyone is a Katie Holmes (thankfully?). But such was not always the case…

J.T.T. my 12-year old crush

I’m waving the white flag. I surrender. I confess. I wrote a love letter to Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

and to Jordan McKnight… even though I couldn’t even  hum a single New Kids on the Block Song.

Once I moved out of my tween years, I went starry-eyed for Hugh Dancy and Hugh Grant while Russel Crow gave me palpitations (I always had a thing for fellas with an accent).

In early college, a friend and I would burn up study sessions planning how we would meet Ryan Gosling (hers) and Matt Damon (mine), win their affection, secure ourselves as Oscar dates, earn many-carat engagement rings, and live happily ever after. (Don’t judge too harshly… they were advanced calculus study sessions…we deserved the distraction.)

And then came December 9, 2005. Matt Damon got a Mrs. and I got a reality check. Now, rather than embodying the objects of my affections, hunky actors only typify my real-world “type.”

So if you know any “Richard Armitages” or “Gerard Butlers,” please, please send them my way.

Just in case you thought otherwise, Richard Armitage further proves I’m a Nerd

I just started watching season 7 of BBC’s “Mi-5” (“Spooks” to the UK audiences). It’s a pretty fantastic show, with a cast of characters who are smarter, more badass hybrids of James Bond and Jason Bourne. Fellas, you’ll love it.  Characters come and go from season to season, the wingmen go missing and the Alpha-1s get blown up. So it goes. Luckily, with each loss comes a new face. This set of episodes introduces Richard Armitage as Lucas North, a recovered field agent who spent the last 8 years in a Russian prison. And boy, oh, boy! How lucky we are to have Lucas North.

Now, I have a bit of a crush on Richard Armitage. He was a stellar Mr. John Thorton in the adaption of Elisabeth Gaskell’s “North and South” (easily the most romantic on-screen kiss in history).  You should know by now I don’t hide the fact that am a sucker for those 19th century Brit-Chick-Lit heroes…

For the record, I don’t gush over celebrities. I can’t be bothered wasting my time fantasizing about the perfectly formed pectorals of some actor I’m never going to meet… but of course that doesn’t mean I can’t admire said pectorals when they’re flashed for audiences on the boobtube…

I had nothing to do with that caption...

And yet, when Richard Armitage took his shirt off in episode 7.1 of Spooks, I totally missed the opportunity to drool. I was distracted by something else:

Is that a tattoo of William Blake’s etching “The Ancient of Days” on his chest?

Of course. Leave it to me to look at a semi-naked man and think masterpiece of Western Art.

And still they wonder why I haven’t found a rich husband…