It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a good education must be in want of a rich husband.

– Kathleen, “They Told Me to Find a Rich Husband”

Or so the world implied when, in May 2009, I celebrated my second graduation from Columbia University. This time I threw my cap into the air to the tune of a Master’s degree in Art History. A few months later, I was unemployed and facing an uncertain future. I packed my two diplomas into a cardboard box and did what every 20-something was loathe to do – give up an apartment in New York City and move to the suburbs.

I’m a 20-something female, part Carrie Bradshaw, part Elizabeth Bennett, part Bridget Jones, mostly myself. The #1 piece of advice people give me to help me navigate my way through early adulthood: “Find yourself a nice, rich husband.”

Surely, they had better advice to offer than that.

In high school, I was voted “most likely to succeed.” I have two Ivy-League degrees. I was an All-American athlete. After a year-long quest for a job and free health insurance, I landed a gig as the Director of a contemporary art gallery.

I not really a girl trying to find a rich husband. I’m just a girl trying to understand how we live and love now.

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  1. 20 something singleton, you’re so pretty so pretty. You’re looking like a teenage movie Star. No luck, i am not a book editor. Rich men, nice men, poor men, bad men, handsome men, ugly men, yuck men, wow men, tall men short men, funny men, serious men, soft men, hard men-well you’ve got a huge checklist to study. As a guy what can I tell you pretty girl? Nothing. Because you’ll never know the cake until you bite it. To bite, it must look delicious and sound yummy. Am I an expert? I have a lot of girl friends too. Do I know women? No, I am still under educated. That’s why you sound so cute, naive and innocent. There are good guys both rich and poor. But you’ll find them at the queue’s end. That’s a long boring walk. No?

  2. Love, love LOVE your blog! I, too, am a 20-something in NYC, writing about well… relationships, careers and the city in general. It’s called Glass Heels, and it’s the relationship (or conflict) between our Cinderella glass slippers and 4-inch power heels. http://glassheels.wordpress.com/ Well, anyways, I loved your blog. And I just “liked” it on Facebook. So I look forward to reading more!

    • Glass Heels is fantastic (what girl doesn’t love a good pair of shoes… and the climb up the corporate ladder in them!) Just “liked” it on Facebook too. We 20-something New Yorkers (with a predilection for designer footwear) have to stick together

  3. Hi Kathleen,

    Loved your blog – it made me smile because I have just started something similar – only from a middle-aged divorcee’s perspective. And, oh boy! are English my age a bundle of fun!
    Keep the faith, and always believe in Prince Charming! ;-) x

  4. This is awesome… lol I will definitely be following! :)

    oh and if you happen to find out if your future rich husband has a rich single brother.. please pass him along..thanks :)

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  6. I think most of us end up being happy with the exact opposite of what we think we want/need. I hope you find someone you love who treats you well–there are a lot of ways to be rich!

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